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The Beginning of the Admin Journey

What is your Role as Admin?

Your role as a FowCRM administrator in your organization is to provide your employees with a trusted ecosystem in which they can improve themself. In this process, what CRM offers you can be defined as follows;

  • Help your employees learn and use CRM tools appropriately

  • You can customize the CRM platform according to your business needs

  • You can design automated processes to help sales representatives work faster and focus on important things

  • You can give your sales representatives multiple channels to stay connected and interact with their customers

  • You can analyze business metrics and make best use of data

*Note: Admin is the person who manages records shared by himself or other users within the organization.*

Getting Started Steps

Create Your Organization's Account

You can make settings such as language and time zone according to your own preferences in the personal settings area under the settings where you first log in to your FowCRM account. You can enter the general information of your institution by going to the company settings section after the personal settings area.

  • Personal Settings

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First, customize your CRM account by changing the language and time zone.

More info on Personal Settings->

  • Company Settings

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Include your company details such as company name, country, time zone as well as company logo for all your business communications.

More info about Company Settings->

  • Manage Users, Roles and Permissions

As you continue to create the CRM account, your next step is to add your teammates as users and determine their roles and permissions based on their distribution of duties. Creating roles allows you to give users the appropriate level of access based on their location.

You can add users according to the package you purchased and the number of allowed user licenses. Each user can log in to their own account with an e-mail address and password.

Personalize Your Account

Filters and Views

The area to be filtered is selected by clicking the "Filter" button on the list view pages. Filtering takes place according to the selected data.

You can save a filtering you have done in Lead, Contact, Account and Opportunity modules by saying 'Save View' and you can quickly access the relevant filtered screen when you come to the same page again.

More info about Filter and Views->

Custom Fields

Add and edit forms in FowCRM can be customized in desired fields. For example, if you want to add the "foundation date" field of the company, except for the fields that are ready by the system in the company addition form, you can add it from the settings section.

More info about Custom Fields->


There are menus presented to the user on the module detail pages. The field or fields that are not intended to be used in this menu can be removed from the menu. This setting is made for company-wide.

More info about Layout->

Module Settings

The modules in FowCRM can be customized.

More info about Module Settings->

Automate Your Business Processes


Authorization allows you to automatically assign a record to a user.

More info about Authorization->


It is a module that allows creating a personal or team-specific feeds over FowCRM. Thanks to these feeds, for example; A notification can be received when a lead, Contact or Account is added to the system, or a meeting activity can be created every time a team member adds an opportunity.

More info on Automation->


The activity module ensures that every contact made or to be made with customers or prospective customers is recorded.

More info about the Activity->

Manage Your CRM Data

Import Operations

If you already have the data, records from your CRM account from external sources can be imported into FowCRM.

More info on Import->

Export Operations

Data from individual CRM modules in your CRM account can be exported in CSV or Excel format.

More info on Export->

Advanced Filtering

You can quickly access the records in the module you want by using the advanced filter options on the listing screens.

More info about Filter and View->

Define Activity Type

By using the FowCRM activity module, you can create an activity type for the contact, account or opportunity you want (for example: meeting, meal or interview).

More info about Activity->

Defining Mail Address

In order to send e-mails from FowCRM, first of all, an e-mail address must be defined.

The sending e-mail address is defined in the Personal Accounts section under Personal Settings in the Settings menu. By pressing the "Add New Email Address" button, the e-mail address to be sent is written in the "E-mail Address" section of the window that opens.

More info about Defining Mail Address->