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The Import process provides bulk data transfer to any of the Activity, Price List, Lead, Opportunity, Account and Contact modules.

Listing Imported Files

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To list the imported files:

Main Menu > Settings > Data > Imports

*Note: In the Status column on this page, the transaction status of the transferred file can also be followed.*

Data Import

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For data to be imported:

Main Menu > Settings > Data > Imports > Import from File

Fields in Data Import Form

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  • Select Module: The module to be transferred is selected.
  • Select File: Select the excel file to be uploaded.
  • Import: Clicking the "Import" button will perform the import.

*Note: Sample data excel can be downloaded from the screen that appears after selecting the module from the tab opened by clicking the "Import from File" button. Data can be transferred via this excel by filling in the data and uploading it back to the system.*