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The Export process provides the bulk export of data out of FowCRM for any of the Lead, Opportunity, Company and Person modules.

Listing Exported Files

Hızlı Fırsat Ekleme

To list the exported files:

Main Menu > Settings > Data > Export

*Note: In the Status column on this page, the transaction status of the exported file can also be followed.*

Data Export

Hızlı Fırsat Ekleme

For data to be exported:

Main Menu > Settings > Data > Export > Export Data

*Note: When the export process is completed, the relevant file can be downloaded by clicking the "Download" button. In addition, the exported data is sent to the e-mail of the user who performs the transaction in an excel file.*

Fields in the Export Form

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  • Select Module: The module to be exported is selected.
  • Choose File Type: The format of the file to be exported is CSV or Excel.
  • Message: A description of the export process is written in this field.