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Release Notes

On this screen, you can follow the system improvements and the details of the newly added features.



New Features

  • Making unread notifications visible in the Feed by coloring them

  • New date ranges in filters

  • Saving feed filters as views

  • Feed view refreshed

  • Creating notifications for filtered feed views

  • Display of list and number of matching records

  • Ability to define fields as “unique” to avoid duplicate records


  • Edited the descriptions of the shares in the feed

  • Improvements have been made to page redirects on Dashboard screens

  • Visual improvements have been made on the detail screens

  • "Reopen" and "clone" authorizations can be given to all team members


  • Fixed an issue where the "unique" button did not work correctly in the system fields edit form

  • The problem that the information in the company column cannot be displayed on the invoice listing screens has been resolved

  • Fixed the issue of not getting notifications in the feed when the document is created

  • The reason for closing the lost opportunities and the closing explanations could not be displayed on the listing screens

  • The issue of deleting the email signature when selecting the email template has been resolved

  • Fixed problems with date filters


New Features

  • Rule: Exported files cannot be downloaded again after the expiry date

  • Displaying matching records and numbers in lead detail

  • Adding e-mail signature to templates


  • Displaying the information of all modules associated with the activity

  • Improvement in notification screen


  • Pagination errors on reporting screens have been resolved

  • Fixed issue where offer templates could not be deleted

  • Fixed the error that the company name could not be displayed in the invoice lists


New Features

  • Automatic loading of sample data when Tenant is created

  • Alphabetical sorting on Company and Invoice listing screens


  • Localization

  • Visual Improvements

  • Templates have been improved

  • Visual improvements in Insights reports


  • Password reset bug fixed

  • Fixed white screen error on lead detail screens

  • Fixed an issue where the invoice list was not sorted by the date it was created

  • Fixed bugs when adding custom field in import

  • Fixed bugs in automation filters

  • Errors received while filtering the report have been resolved

  • Fixed a bug where lead status did not change without page refresh

  • Errors received in Global Search have been resolved

  • Errors received while defining email have been resolved


New Features

  • The feature of accessing the relevant company information from the opportunity detail has been added

  • Added the ability to select more than one option in multiple choice filters on listing screens

  • Making brand definitions for products has been added

  • Added the ability to enter related products in quote templates

  • Added cloning in all modules

  • Added "Reopen" button for closed records


  • Improved Import and Export processes

  • Searches are case sensitive

  • Templates have been improved

  • Problems in sending mail have been resolved

  • Quote forms updated

  • Main menu view updated


  • Fixed the error that the super admin could display the relevant screen again after deleting all user authorizations

  • The problem of not opening the screen showing the relevant company detail from the opportunity detail has been resolved

  • The problem that the company information is not filled in while importing the person has been resolved

  • The problem that the form could not be saved when editing in the description section on the form has been resolved

  • The problem of not showing only the quotes of that company in the company details has been resolved

  • Fixed an issue where tags in use could be deleted

  • Fixed an issue where product categories in use could be deleted

  • The problem of displaying imported or exported lists in the document module has been resolved


New Features

  • Added search button to detail screens

  • Added a button to "display all products" in the price list form

  • Added the feature of receiving a warning when a label that is in use is to be deleted


  • Listing screens updated

  • Account detail screens have been updated

  • Page redirect errors has been improved


  • Fixed the issue where the products in it were not displayed when the quote was added or updated

  • Errors received when more than one filtering is performed on the listing screens have been resolved

  • Fixed an issue where custom fields were not displayed as names when exported

  • The problem of not showing the products in the price list selected in the quote form has been resolved


New Features

  • Added the ability to create templates for Lead, Company, Person, Opportunity, Price List, and Quote Modules

  • Added "Document Creation" and "Document Sharing" feature for all modules

    More info about Document Template&Share

  • Added Lead Cloning

  • Added the ability to view the errors received in the import process


  • Improved filtering content on listing screens

  • Fixed errors when adding users to the system

  • Fixed errors in lead converting

  • Improvements have been made to the localization point


New Features

  • Updates to new form structures in all modules

  • Added the ability to display "Label" titles in different colors on the Pipeline screen

  • Added the ability to view package limits

  • Added the ability to upload files in "HTML" format

  • Added the ability to create “Quote Templates” horizontally or vertically

  • Added the ability to update custom fields for “Activities” under ”Settings”


  • Fixed an error when adding “Person” based target in the target module

  • Fixed the issue where the product could not be added to the price list

  • Improvements were made in the “Feed” Module

  • Fixed the issue where the data would give an error when selecting the chart in the " Report Detail"

  • Fixed issues when adding “Custom Field

  • Fixed problems with filtering in the "Reports-Sales Insights" module

  • Fixed the issue where the detailed information of the transfer transactions could not be displayed in “Flow”

  • Fixed issue when adding users in “Access Application”

  • Fixed issues when using “Outlook Calendar Integration

  • Fixed issues with "Transfer" and "Authority" transactions

  • Fixed the issue where "Account" and "Contact" records related to the opportunity could not be deleted


New Features

  • Added the ability to create email templates with the new editor

  • Added the ability to view the number of unread notifications

  • Email module added

    More information about Email

  • Added ability to create an activity based on product

  • Sales and Payment insights screens have been renewed to be displayed as line graphs

    More information about Insights

  • Office 365 mail integration completed

  • Added the ability to view past notifications

  • Outlook Mail Integration complete

  • Added predefined mail templates

  • Added an area where the version history of the offer can be actively tracked.

  • Added the ability to convert mail templates to "HTML" format

  • Added the ability to access related person and lead records in e-mails received from within the company

  • The ability to define participants in the activity has been added.

  • Added feature to receive a notification mail from Fow with SMTP


  • Bugfix done.

  • Improvements were made to the Offer, Opportunity, Invoice, and Target forms.


New Features


  • Export module updated

  • Feed module updated

  • View save feature updated

  • Updated sales and payment insight screens


New Features


  • Quote forms updated

  • Updated product listing screens


New Features

  • The main menu has been changed. The menu is grouped under the headings Customer, Sales, Payment, and Inventory

  • Added a quick access button to the main screen with Giant Menu

  • Added feature to delete configured automation

  • Added "Export" option to listing screens

  • Color selection feature has been added to the labeling forehead available on Lead, Opportunity, and Contact.

  • Added the ability for users to create targets for Activity or Opportunity modules at certain time intervals

    More information about Goals

  • Added new rulesets to the new password creation process


  • Visual and layout updates made on detail screens

  • Added the ability to change the order of the desired titles in the tables on the listing screens.

  • UX-UI improvements have been made in the Feed module. Filtering structure updated

  • Invoice module has been updated

  • Goal Management heading moved to Reports

  • Updated user experience and visual fields on the FowCRM login screen



New Features

  • Added search feature to report listing screens

  • Added predefined dashboard contents

  • Added the feature of getting product and category-based report outputs

  • Added activity listing screen

  • FowTicket was created where users can create a support ticket

  • The FowDocs Knowledge Base was created.

  • Added ability to batch import price list data

  • Added ability to customize Proposal Forms according to workflow


  • Sales and Payment insight screens have been moved under the report module

  • With the "Welcome Module" prepared as a guide for users logging into CRM for the first time, a learning content tour within the product was added for new users.

  • The opportunity view and contents have been updated

  • Added feature to automatically associate lead records with company names

  • Global Search Module has been updated


New Features

  • Added the ability of users to define a new activity type in the system in the activity module.

  • Predefined reports added

  • Added filtering field to automation module


  • Made UX-UI updates on the login screen

  • Password reset bugs fixed

  • KVKK has been updated

  • Opportunity screen updated

  • Added the ability to add more than one offer on opportunities

  • The problem that the entered activities could not be displayed has been resolved and module updates have been made.

  • Report module updated

  • Bugs fixed in automation module, UX-UI updates made


New Features

  • Added the ability to add multiple Offers on a Deal

  • Added validity period field on offer

  • Integration of notification services completed

  • UI transition provided


  • Opportunity screen updated


New Features

  • Added support for 159 different currencies to FowCRM

    More information about Currency

  • Added support for multiple timezones

    More info on Date and Time Format Settings

  • Added the ability to define the Number of Sales and Turnover Target for activities

    More information about Goal

  • Added the ability to send short messages from the SMS field on the lead detail screens.

  • Added the ability to access different accounts previously logged into the system on the FowCRM login screen

  • Added a field for global searches

  • A field has been added where the last visited Lead, Person, and Opportunity information can be accessed under Settings.

  • The feature of saving the filters made on the Lead, Person, Company, and Opportunity Listing screens as a view has been added.

    More information about Filter and Views