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Getting Started with FowCrm

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM); monitors, analyzes and manages all interactions of your representatives with your customers, potential customers and business partners. Promising to make businesses and sales representatives more productive, efficient and effective, CRM software comes with innovative technologies and functional applications that shape the business world. Being one of the fastest growing markets in the world, CRM offers the opportunity to look at the current workflow and customer relations from different perspectives. There are many added values that new generation CRM applications will bring to your business.

Why Do Enterprises Need CRM?

Managing every aspect of the business can be made easier with a robust CRM system. It enables you to easily understand the business, connect it with both employees and customers, and capture business information in a way that gives you a holistic view of each customer in real time. Benefits of having a CRM system For an ideal CRM system it should be versatile, providing:

  • Provides non-stop access to customer data

Customer information is securely stored on a cloud-based platform, and teams can connect with customers in real-time from anywhere.

  • Provides coordination between departments

Another advantage of having data in the cloud is that it can be shared across teams. Customer-oriented tasks can be created and assigned to relevant members of the team.

  • Allows to streamline different processes

CRM comes with a wide range of features that will make it easier for the sales team to increase their ability to close more deals, for the marketing team to get more leads, for support teams to resolve calls faster.

  • Proactively participates in customers' journey

Information about customers' preferences and requirements can be obtained, which will help the sales team adjust their strategies for better and faster customer interactions.

Benefits of Using CRM for Your Company

If we summarize the benefits of CRM for the company under 19 headings, they are:

  1. It Helps Your Business Grow
  2. Creates a Central Database for Your Sales Organizations
  3. Allows You to Follow the Field Team Closely
  4. Automates Data Entries
  5. Categorizes Customer Information
  6. Improves Reporting Capabilities
  7. Increases Sales Performance
  8. Scales Sales Processes to Fit Your Schedule
  9. Analyzes Data in Detail
  10. Improves Interaction With Your Team
  11. Increases Internal Efficiency
  12. Shows Your Business Is Professional
  13. Uses Social Media Platforms
  14. Provides Fast Access to Information
  15. Brings Businesses More Modern Internal Communication Tools
  16. Makes Correct Predictions
  17. Enables You to Benefit from Cloud Solutions
  18. Accelerates the Decision Process
  19. Facilitates Cross Selling

FowCRM Basic Functions

  • Customize Your CRM

Once you have adopted CRM for your business, it is ideal to modify it to suit your needs. Because every business is unique, we help you build the CRM according to your needs using customization features.

  • Let CRM Manage Your Business Processes For You

CRM automates some of the repetitive tasks and saves time for other important activities. It fixes and develops sales processes with some easy-to-install automation features.

  • Connect, Communicate and Partners

There are channels that allow you to create activities with your customers or potential customers and to interact with them through the relevant communication channels.

  • Control Everything From One System

When we have to deal with more than one business at the same time, we can forget or skip even the simplest information. Thanks to CRM, you don't have to waste time searching for customer details in different places. You can access all information from a single point. You can plan a customer's information, customer's opportunity, quote, payment information and all activities that have been or will be done with the customer.

FowCRM Quotes

FowCRM Packages

Your FowCRM institution offers you four package options. You can choose the most ideal package for yourself or start using the product quickly by requesting the free package. Packages are also priced differently when purchased annually or monthly.

  • Free
  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Enterprise Each edition is priced differently and includes different features that are accessible after purchase. You can refer to the feature availability table on the FowCRM website for information on the availability and limits of features in the releases.

Supported Languages

FowCRM supports 2 languages, Turkish and English.

You can make language changes by going to Settings > Preferences page in CRM.

System Requirements

FowCRM is a cloud-based application and therefore the application and data are not stored in your computer system's memory. Because cloud applications are connected to remote servers, you must have a constant internet connection to access FowCRM. You don't need to download or install any files on your computer to use CRM.

Supported Modules

You can access a number of FowCRM modules from your device. The data they contain will be stored in a local database on your device. Supported modules differ depending on the CRM package you subscribe to.

FowCRM Account Overview

Terminologies for FowCRM

In any business environment, Leads, Deals, Specials, Invoices etc. There are terms like Below is a list of these terms and their definitions used in FowCRM. You can refer to more such terms in the FowCRM Glossary.

More info about Glossary->

Quick Screen Tour

  • My page

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  1. Feed, activities and activities for this week can be viewed on my page.
  2. General Menu
  3. Module List
  4. Quick Add
  5. Notifications
  6. Quick Help

More info about My Page->

  • Module Screens
  1. List Views, Editing List views from the Columns area
  2. Saving and viewing filtered or edited list views
  3. Quick Add Button
  4. Filtering
  5. Search Bar
  6. List Export Button
  • Settings Page

You can make the necessary settings for your CRM account by clicking the settings title in the menu area on the main page. FowCRM includes setting options in personal settings, company settings, module settings, security settings, data and customization headers.

For admin users, it can be started by defining personal settings and company settings.