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Various activities that a sales representative performs as part of their routine, such as assignments, calls, or meetings.

Active Currency

Currencies in which the organization does business. Only active currencies can be used on deals, invoices, orders, and elsewhere.


A CRM user with access to all modules and records. They have default permissions to configure a feature or initiate an integration. They can also add users to the organization's CRM account.


A set of routines, programming protocols and tools for building software applications.


There are five actions (email notifications, task assignment, field updates, custom functions, and webhooks) that can be created to help you automate your sales and marketing activities.


A firm (or department within a firm) with which the organization currently does business or plans to do business with in the future. One or more customers can be associated with a account.

Associated List

The section in the module where the list of records associated with the module is displayed. For example, associating opportunities for Contacts.


Assigning tasks, creating records, etc. A process by which various work-related activities.


The authorization process provides permissions such as viewing, editing, deleting to other users by the authorized person for any of the account, contact, lead, opportunity, quote, automation, report or dashboard modules.


Accounting transactions associated with the company can be viewed, and invoicing and payments related to invoices can also be created from here.



BANT is a traditional competency framework that encompasses four commonly used lead qualification criteria (Budget, Authorization, Needs, and Timeline) used by sales teams to decide how and how to move leads forward and down the sales funnel.


Cold Lead

A cold lead refers to a contact person who may be interested in purchasing a company's goods or services, but is not qualified (for example, who is not in a decision-making position within their company or is not in the correct geographic area that the company is targeting). , etc.) and will no longer be tracked.


CRM is a customer relationship management system. It includes the practices, strategies and tools companies use to analyze and develop customer relationships and drive sales growth.

Converted Lead

A converted lead refers to a lead's status change; Indicates that an Account, Contact, and/or Opportunity has been created for the lead in the CRM system. A lead is usually converted after it has been qualified by the sales team as worth watching.

Compliance with General Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation in FowCRM is designed to meet the privacy rights set by the Republic of Turkey.

Closed Lead

Closed Lead refers to a former lead who abandoned the purchasing or evaluation process.


People who the company contacts for a business opportunity.


It is the process of creating a document containing the same information but with a different title by defining a new title for the information in the relevant module detail.

Customer Success Management (CSM)

Customer success management refers to the tools and processes a company uses to retain customers through ongoing engagement and nurturing activities. Customer success management is sometimes called account management.

Customer Experience CX

Customer experience describes the perception a (potential) customer receives during and after interacting with a company, its employees, brand or assets. This engagement may include interactions with the company's employees or simply branding elements (company website, social media channels, whitepapers, etc.).

Customer journey

The customer journey encompasses the entire lifecycle of a customer, from the first sign of a potential customer's desire to purchase, through the evaluation and purchase cycle, to post-sales and the potential resale or renewal cycle.

Custom Fields

Custom fields that can be created within the tables according to the information type of the records.


Domain Level Security

The administrator's right to restrict access to fields in a module by setting certain permissions for certain people.


It is a visual representation of the organization's key metrics. If the dashboards defined in the reports are related to each other, all related reports can be viewed under a category in the dashboards area.


With the document module, all documents that can be used in FowCRM can be collected in a pool. Here, all documents that want to be transferred to the system, such as agreements and proposal samples, can be uploaded here.

Data Protection

A set of guidelines followed under GDPR compliance to ensure customers' privacy. Specifies the rules for obtaining customer consent and processing personal data.

Deleting Data

One click delete option for all sample data in your account. This will only delete the relevant record and not any other data that may have been attached to the account.

Data Enrichment

Data enrichment refers to the process of enhancing CRM records with additional data, such as a company's merger and acquisition (M\&A) history, a contact's work history, or a contact's business contacts and social circle. The purpose of data enrichment is to provide more in-depth insights and information about the people and accounts the salesperson needs with minimal manual effort.



A process that collects data from individual modules and transfers them to external sources.

Enterprise Package

The FowCRM version is suitable for organizations that need advanced features to run their business processes.



A single piece of data such as name, date of birth, email or phone number.

Field Update

An automated action that updates the value in the field when triggered by a trigger such as "Welcome Email Sent" or "Payment Status Changed to Paid".

Field Properties

Properties and behavior of data added to a given field.


A messaging platform that allows open exchange of views, important real-time discussions with the team, and speeding up decision-making

First Touch

First touch describes a potential customer's first interaction or interaction with any aspect or presence of a company or brand. This could be their website, flyer, banner, eBook, social media post, review, or actual product (trial download, etc.). The point of the first touch is to drive them further down the funnel to ultimately convert them into a customer.

Feed Filtering

Filtering allows viewing of posts with certain criteria.



The Goal Module enables teams or users to define goals for certain periods in FowCRM. Goals can be determined with various metrics and parameters for the desired module.

If goals are defined on a team basis, goal sharing can be done for users within the team. In addition, the completion status of the goals can be tracked with graphical displays.



Provides a list of actions taken by CRM users on a record, in chronological order. History is displayed on the detail page of the relevant module.

Hot Leads

"Hot lead" is a term that typically refers to a contact person who demonstrates a strong intent to buy. A sales rep can categorize a lead as "hot" after a strong first meeting, or arrange to meet with a prospect, free trial, or a sales rep.


The FowCRM helpdesk is the area where records of problems raised by the user and that need to be addressed are kept.


Inactive Currency

A list of currencies that an organization no longer uses. When disabled, these currencies are not deleted. They will still be listed under Currencies though.


The process of syncing FowCRM with third-party apps for better collaboration and productivity.


An invoice or commercial document issued by the seller to the buyer, containing the products, their quantities, and the agreed price for the products or services to be sold.


They are estimation documents created by system by considering the relevant data. Sales forecast and payment forecast can be displayed in Insights. The sales forecast is the area where the Company can monitor the sales opportunities created annually and monthly, and the win and loss rates on a team basis. The payment forecast is the area where the customers can monitor their payment plans annually and monthly.


The process of collecting data from various external sources and importing them into FowCRM.


Knowledge Base

A knowledge base is a digital repository where a company stores all its support documents and is accessible to customers, prospects, and employees. Through a successfully managed knowledge base, a company can improve its customer support practices through increased self-service, resulting in lower support costs and increased customer lifetime value.


Lost Opportunity

The cases where an opportunity created depending on a Lead, Contact or Account does not turn into a sale is defined as the loss of the opportunity. The ongoing sales process for the customer-related opportunity is completed.


Potential customers who show interest in the organization's product or organization.

Lead Step

It shows the stages set by the company as a process flow when the lead is converted to a customer. The stage of the lead can also be viewed, marked or its status changed here. For example, an update can be made on what stage of the process it is in, such as New a Lead, Interviewed, or Waiting for a Reply.

Lead Convert Rate

Lead convert rate is the number of successfully converted leads in a given time period divided by the total number of leads tracked (successful and unsuccessful).

Lead Convert Process

The lead convert process describes the steps that must be completed in converting a lead, that is, the steps to create a Contact, Account, and/or Opportunity for the lead in a salesperson's CRM system.

List View

Grouping of records through a defined set of criteria that allows you to view customer-specific data according to your business needs.

Lead Qualification

Lead qualification describes the process of determining whether leads meet all of a company's requirements to classify them as leads worth following.

Lead Generation

Lead generation, activities and processes carried out by a salesperson to find leads and contact information (names, emails, addresses, company insights, etc.) to plan a future follow-up on the company's products or services, and to promote a company's products or services. means.

Lead Management

Lead management is the process of finding and organizing prospects for a company. Lead management usually involves several steps involving both the marketing and sales departments and usually begins with the Lead Generation process. The purpose of lead management is to effectively connect with relevant people to guide them further down the buying funnel and to achieve the ultimate goal of closing a sale.

Last touch

The final touch describes the last event a customer does before interacting with a company or brand (becoming a customer and purchasing the company's product and/or service).


My page

'My Page' This is the page that welcomes the user when logging into FowCRM and provides a quick overview of the workflow.

Multi-Select Field

A field that allows users to select multiple values ​​for a given field. For example, it is allowed to specify more than one filter among the relevant options in the filtering on the listing screens of the modules.


The tabs in the top menu in CRM are called modules.

Module Level Security

An option that allows administrators to restrict certain users from accessing a certain module.



One of the most important parts of selling is daily messages to keep customers aware of the progress of conversations and the activities that keep those conversations going.

Neutral Lead

"Neutral Lead" is a term that refers to a person who has the intention to purchase but has not made any progress.



An opportunity is a potential sales deal or a revenue generating event. An opportunity can be with an existing Account or a new Account. CRM software can be used to develop opportunities as it helps to monitor, manage and organize all information and activities related to Opportunities.

Opportunity Management

Opportunity management refers to the management of deals in an organization's sales process. Opportunity management is the main focus of sales force automation (SFA) initiatives, with the goal of sales professionals completing as many deals as possible with the least amount of effort. CRM software aids in opportunity management by both organizing data and activities related to sales opportunities and ensuring that rules, regulations and best practices are followed in the process.

Opportunity Dashboard View

A card-based view that displays data in an organized manner. Dashboard View breaks down data on leads by status or categorizes sales by stage in the pipeline.

Opportunity Won

The cases where an opportunity created depending on a Lead, Contact or Account is converted into a sale is defined as the acquisition of the opportunity. The process continues from the offer and payment stages for the customer-related opportunity.


Price list

The price list is the grouping of the products registered in the system according to the price. Apart from the unit price determined when the products are defined to the system, different pricing and discounts can be made for the products added through the price lists.

Permanent Actions

Automatic actions such as notifications, tasks, field updates, webhooks, custom functions, labels, and record creation that are triggered immediately when a workflow rule is executed. For example, a notification will be triggered as soon as the payment is completed.


The process of modifying various elements within the CRM account to suit business needs.

Personal Settings

Settings and customization options that help users customize their CRM experience according to their personal preferences. Users can choose country locale, language, time zone, date format and more.


As an opportunity moves through the sales phase, the probability of being earned (i.e. generating revenue) increases. This probability is the probability of winning and is typically expressed as a percentage.


This is the field where the payment date, amount and the means by which the payment will be made are documented.

Payment Plan

Payment Plan is the area where the payment amount and periods for the relevant product/service are documented.


Options for different FowCRM features and pricing available to the customer.

Picklist Area

A field with multiple values. It allows users to choose one of the options. E.g; It allows to select one of the options from Lead, Account, Opportunity and Contact in the module selection field while exporting data.


The process of predicting or predicting future sales and setting short-term and long-term sales goals using historical sales data.


A tool that allows users to integrate phone services with CRM to facilitate call management from within CRM.


The products or services of the organization.



A legal agreement between the customer and the seller to deliver the requested products at the agreed price within the specified time.



It contains all the information about the data. A record can be a lead, Account, Agreement, Order, Product, etc. it could be.

Register Owner

A CRM user who owns the register. The register owner has the privilege to edit, share or update the register. The register owner can be a sales representative, administrator, or any user with access to CRM.


Business data presented in tabular and graphic format. There are both standard and custom reports.


Manager, sales representative, head of marketing etc. Identifying areas that users in different departments within an organization can view and access.


Software for the Service (SaaS)

Easily available software for online use.


A tab or module used to store information about vendors. In the module, you can view the details of the relevant people and the products and orders they are associated with.

Sales process

The different stages an agreement goes through. Each deal can have a different sales process. More than one sales process can be defined.

Sales Process Stages

A visual representation of the sales process showing the potential customer's current position in the sales cycle.

Sales Process Dashboard View

The sales pipeline is the repository of all the combined sales opportunities currently available to a company at every stage of a company's sales progression. The sell line typically ranks opportunities from least likely (least likely to close) to most likely (most likely to close).

Sales Process Management

Sales process management refers to the process of helping salespeople further down the sales pipeline to convert leads into customers.

Sales Process Speed

Sales process speed describes the time (or speed) it takes for contacts and paths to move from one stage of the sales process to the next.

Sales Force Automation

This refers to a method in which software solutions are used to facilitate the execution of a sales cycle.

Standard Fields

List of fields provided by FowCRM for each module. They cannot be renamed or deleted.


"Subscribe" allows the user to receive notifications for changes and updates made in any of the account, contact, lead, opportunity or quote modules.



Keywords assigned to a record for ease of identification. Labels can be used to separate records for workflows and create custom list views by defining criteria based on your needs.


Any activity that a user has to perform within a certain period of time, such as a product demo or running a webinar.


It refers to the collaborative working groups in which the users will take part in the application. E.g; Anatolia Region, such as the Sales Team.


Transfer process is the process of transferring the transaction authorizations for any of the account, contact, lead, opportunity or quote modules to another user by an authorized person.



A person with access to the organization's FowCRM account. They can perform activities, manage their records, and access records shared by other users in the organization, according to the permissions granted by the administrator.



A tool to send information or notifications from FowCRM to any third party application.


Embeddable UI components that allow CRM users to access other applications from the FowCRM installation.