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FowCRM Process

Welcome to FowCRM !

We have compiled the steps and process that you need to follow when you enter FowCRM. These;

My page

You can view and manage your Feed, Activities, Calendar, Notifications, Announcements from a single screen, on the My Page screen, which you first encounter when logging into the system.


You can follow what is happening in your company in the feed and use it like a business-oriented social media. You can instantly see the details of an opportunity won, a lead dialed, the details of a meeting activity entered, the output of a phone call or a birthday celebration of a member of your team, make comments and stay up-to-date with your teammates, increasing the interaction with your teammates.


By going to Activities, you can see which account or contact is planning activities on which day, you can access the details of phone calls, meetings, tasks and notes, and you can plan new activities for a account, contact or opportunity.


You can see the activities you have planned for a account or contact on your calendar.


You can view the notifications and their details from the system in the Notifications section.

From the Automations section, you can set your preference for FowCRM notification in cases such as entering an activity for a account or issuing an invoice.

If you want notifications to come as email, you can change it in the preferences area under personal settings.


By going to the goals, you can view the goals created for yourself and your team and follow your goals. These goals created under the settings can be activity goals such as 20 phone calls and 10 meetings for a certain date range; it can also be in the form of the total number of opportunities won or the opportunity amount goals for a certain date.

As you enter your activities into FowCRM or enter details about the opportunities you have won, you can easily track your goals, as the progress rate on the goals will be updated automatically.


By defining your e-mail address, you can send e-mail from within the system. You may want to send an e-mail to a lead or person from within FowCRM, or share an attached offer or document. For this purpose, it will be sufficient to add the address you want the e-mail to go to under Settings.


You can manage your potential leads under the "Lead" heading. You can turn leads off or associate them with a account and/or contact and add opportunities.

You can enter activities for leads and turn what you see as opportunities, while closing the others by choosing the reason for closing in order to use the reports section effectively.


By going to the opportunity module, you can manage your existing opportunities on different boards by drag and drop method or view them as a list. You can create the panels in sector-specific such as informatics-textile, region-specific such as Aegean-Marmara, segment-specific such as SME-Enterprise or in a breakdown of your choice. You can customize the number of stages and stage names for each pipeline, and you can design one board as Presentation-Demo-Proposal with three stages, while another board has more stages and different naming according to your needs. In this way, you can easily follow which account or contact you are at which stage of your sales process and optimize your sales processes.


By using quote templates, you can prepare quotes in seconds and easily manage your invoice, payment schedule and payment details for the opportunities you have won.

You can easily follow your sales processes by defining your products and price lists to FowCRM.


You can save a filtering you have done in Lead, Contact, Account and Opportunity modules by saying 'Save View' and you can quickly access the relevant filtered screen when you come to the same page again. This view you saved can only be for companies registered with you, accounts added in the last week or opportunities where a certain product is discussed. The view you save can be private only to you, or you can save it for the team to see.


You can manage your documents under the document title, share them via e-mail within the system or download them to your computer. In the Documents section, you can include the quality document requested for a account, the quotes created, the invoices issued, contracts or any document required for a contact, and you can easily track your files in FowCRM knowing that you can find them at the right place at the right time when you need them.


You can define automations from the Automation module so that no point is overlooked and to save time. This automation can be a Teams notification that will come to you after a translated lead, or it can be a phone activity that will be created for a request from your website and displayed on your calendar.


By going to Settings, you can change your personal and company settings and take advantage of the customization and integration capabilities. You can define the currencies you want to use in FowCRM, select the language and time zone you will use, and make the necessary adjustments for many more areas. You can also create module-based custom fields and custom headers. For example, you can add a field such as 'Number of Vehicles' that does not normally exist in the system in the adding company form, or you can add a different reason that you want to be included in the options among the reasons for lead closure.


You can access written content by going to FowDocs, video content by going to FowAcademy, and create a support request by going to FowTicket.