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FowCRM's features

What are the features of FowCRM?

FowCRM is a next generation customer relationship management solution that works with a cloud-based subscription model. Available in 5 different languages, FowCRM has multi currency and multi time zone supports. In addition, it has KVKK (local GDPR) compliance in Turkey and GDPR compliance abroad. While providing the opportunity to create and control sales teams, to determine and follow up sales and activity targets, to manage all end-to-end sales processes with its user-friendly interface; it also saves time and provides foresight in optimizing sales processes with its automation, reporting and estimation modules.

Can I use the FowCRM with other programs at my company?

Of course. As FowCRM, we have full confidence in our integration abilities… You can easily set up the integration you want under Settings, as well as get help 24/7 from our support team.

On which devices can I use FowCRM?

You can access FowCRM from any device that has an internet connection.

Does FowCRM have different language and currency options?

You can use the FowCRM in Turkish, English, Arabic, Russian and Spanish. You can also follow up all your sales processes in 159 different currencies defined in the system.

Can time be saved with FowCRM CRM?

With FowCRM, you can save time by automating your repetitive processes. You can increase both your productivity and efficiency with custom automation options for users.