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Packages and Payment Options

Which FowCRM package should I purchase?

If you want to follow-up your sales processes with the most basic features, you can start using our free Starter package immediately, without the obligation to share your payment information.

If you need end-to-end customer and sales management and want to improve your processes with reports, you can choose our Standard package.

You can also prefer the Professional package if you want to customize FowCRM according to your own processes and utilize its integration capabilities.

You can subscribe to our Enterprise package to use FowCRM and all its functions in a way that meets your needs with a custom consulting service and a customer manager dedicated to your firm.

What are the payment options?

You can make your FowCRM payments with monthly and annual plan by a credit or debit card.

How do I upgrade my package?

After logging into the application, you can go to the “Application Details” under “Settings”, through the “Subscriptions” tab on the page that opens, click the “Upgrade Package” button under the relevant product, or after logging in you can click the “Purchase” button and select the product to be upgraded on the page that opens.